Files: German File Distribution (OS/2 Files) - GNU Tools With Sources

AUTOM116.ZIP3MGNU Automake version 1.16.1 for OS/2. Copyright (C) 1994-2018 Free
Software Foundation, Inc. This is Automake, a Makefile generator. It
was inspired by the 4.4BSD make and include files, but aims to be
portable and to conform to the GNU Coding Stand
CORUT831.ZIP17MGNU CoreUtils v8.31 for OS/2. Copyright (C) 1994-2019 Free Software
Foundation, Inc. The GNU Core Utilities are the basic file, shell and
text manipulation utilities of the GNU operating system. These are
the core utilities which are expected to exi
DDRES124.ZIP183KGNU ddrescue 1.24. Copyright (C) 2004-2019 Antonio Diaz Diaz. GNU
ddrescue is a data recovery tool. It copies data from one file or
block device (hard disc, cdrom, etc) to another, trying hard to
rescue data in case of read errors. Ddrescuelog is a
DIFFUT37.ZIP3MGNU diffutils 3.5 for OS/2. Copyright (C) 1992-1994, 1998, 2001-2002,
2004, 2006, 2009-2018 Free Software Foundation, Inc. GNU Diffutils is
a package of several programs related to finding differences between
files. Computer users often find occasio
GAWK-500.ZIP7MGNU Awk 5.0.0, API: 2.0. Copyright (C) 1989, 1991-2019 Free Software
Foundation. GNU Awk is upwardly compatible with Brian Kernighan's
version of Unix awk. It is almost completely compliant with the 2008
POSIX 1003.1 standard for awk. Additional req