Files: German File Distribution (OS/2 Files) - REXX Samples, Libs, Dlls etc.

51SHADES.ZIP1KRexx script to create a color template. Rexx script to create a
customized (small) 24-bits color pallette template. The created TGA
file can be used as a copy and paste source for (a part of) another
image, like an icon.
I-MERGE.ZIP29KUtility to merge two 24-bit TGA images. i-Merge is a Rexx utility to
merge two 24-bit TGA image files with an identical file size,
identical image size and identical TGA header, by replacing one
specified color of the first image by the matching pix
NREXX308.ZIP15MNetRexx 3.08 Beta GA. NetRexx is a general-purpose programming
language inspired by two very different programming languages, Rexx
and Java. It is designed for people, not computers. In this respect
it follows Rexx closely, with many of the concepts
REXXXMLP.ZIP104KParseXML v2.1.0. Copyright (c) 2009-2016, Andrew J. Armstrong. All
rights reserved. ParseXML is an an XML parser written in REXX that
does not require external libraries. The main prograrm is written in
SAA REXX and will work on OS/2 and other compa
RWINI120.ZIP29KrwIni 1.20. Copyright (C) 2018 Richard L Walsh. All Rights Reserved.
rwIni is a REXX interface to rwPrf, a library that emulates the PM
Profile functions. It is only appropriate for use with private INI
files and will refuse to handle the current Sy
RXMOUS2.ZIP28KRxmouse version 2. Simple mouse DLL for REXX, with C source. Returns
mouse position for clicks on text screens. Author: Frank Beythien
RXU_19.ZIP279KRXU 1.9. RXU is a rich set of Rexx functions which expose most of the
OS/2 API set to Rexx programs (memory management/access, semaphores,
pipes, queues, module handling, threading/tasking, system
information, i/o, devioctl, etc.). Open Source under
TYSR21.ZIP49KOS/2 REXX programming examples used throughout the book Teach
Yourself REXX in 21 Days. All of the OS/2 REXX programming examples
used throughout the book Teach Yourself REXX in 21 Days (ISBN
0672305291). The archive's file names correspond to the l