Files: Fidonet File Areas - FG_WORF: Filegate Info Files

fdninfo.zip34KThis is the information file for the
IFDC FileGate Project [service mark].
Coordinators may find information for
starting FDNs or linking to an existing
FILEGATE hub.  Also includes FGPOL007.TXT,
the IFDC FileGate Project policy file.
filegate.hdr263bFileGate Header comment file for IFDC
FileGate archives, to be applied by FDN
coordinators. Use zip -z <
filegate.hdr to apply to your archives.
Does not change the contents of the
archive. For RAR, use rar c filename.rar
filegate.zxx58KUpdate of IFDC FileGate Echo tags in RAID format. Also contains HUB/connect