Files: Local File Areas - Fidonet Information

POLICY4.ARC34KFidonet policy 4.07. This is an old archive
in ARC format.
POLICY4.TXT74KFidonet policy 4.07.
bigdummy.zip49KThe Big Dummy's Guide to FidoNET (c)1992 by
Michael Schuyler - Text File Containg Every-
thing you Ever Wanted to Know about FidoNET
What it is, What it Cost, Who can Join, How
to Get it Installed on your BBS, etc. - All
your Questions are Answered in this Recently
Written Document by a Variety of Fido Sysops
bush.history.txt23KA history of Fidonet by Randy Bush.
dodd.history.txt28KA bit of Fidonet history from Carol
Anne Dodd.
fidofaq.txt21KA Fido FAQ by Donna Ransdell.
fidonet.na7KA list of Fidonet message areas in .NA
format available at The Rusty MailBox.
filearea.txt1KA list of active file areas available at
The Rusty MailBox.
jennings.history.1.txt19KFidonet history and operation by Tom Jennings
and many others.
jennings.history.2.txt13KFidonet history by Tom Jennings and others.