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DM-1on1-Roughinery_ut99.zip10MA remake of DM-Roughinery from UT2004 for
Unreal Tournament. Very well done.
DM-Mines.zip17MThe Mines for UT2004 by Weak1ings. This map
was made in my high school years, I uploaded
it so that other people might enjoy it! I
just wish I had been able to find my other
maps that I designed around this time. This
map is designed to be a close quarters multi-
tiered arena, it features a lot of health
and powerups and should include most guns!
DM-OMC-UP4EVER.zip12MDM-OMC-UP4EVER by Rob 'FraGnBraG' Burns
an urban Industrial pumping station. Good for
4-8 players (possibly more). The original
DOMINATION map was designed for SuperChaz UP
October 2009 Mapping Contest, and during
development it occurred to me the layout
would be okay for DeathMatch/Team deathmatch
with some minor tweaking. So here it is :)
I'm also experimenting with the map as a CTF
base, so there might also be a CTF version
(or not) I'll have to see how it plays out :P
dm-1on1-amon.zip349KSmall dm map, 3 floor z fraggin, set in
a kind of weird 'castle' combined with
some other stuff.
dm-1on1-augustmoonv1.1.zip934KDM-1on1-AugustMoon, a futuristic 1 on 1 map
by Nick -neoduck- Donaldson
dm-1on1-derdak.zip2MDerdak on fire! v1.1. A 1on1 level by Cedric
"Snoop" Pierron for UT99.