Files: Local File Areas - Quake III Engines and Maps

alkdm06.zip1MGrindMill by Shaun Ross aka [Kona]. A dirty
industrial factory with thick steel supports
around the small brick village highlighted
with gothic lights. Each of the rooms
intersect into a central main arena under a
blue night sky. Three levels make up the map,
which makes for a great dueling level or a
fun3 player FFA.
alkdm07.zip759KDevonaire by Shaun Ross aka [Kona]. Devonaire
is an open, small level, with three layers to
make a great 1vs1 duel, or 3-4 player FFA.
It combines blues, whites, browns and greys
together to create a colourful hybrid between
a futuristic yet dirty industrial setting,
and a dark gothic atmosphere.
alkdm12.zip3MOffworld by Kona. A great looking map which
realises the full potential of the HH3
Clockwork Droid texture set. The lighting is
also superb, and the impressive atmosphere is
finished off by a good choice of ambient
sounds. The layout is tight, with a high level
of connectivity. Tourney or 3-4 player FFA
games are fast paced and exciting without ever
being overwhelming. The item placement feels
spot on, and there is even a secret to be
found if you look hard enough. Bots play the
level well, and games against bots are almost
as enjoyable as human only games.
aty3dm9msc2013.zip10MSector 9 "The Cytherean Outpost" by Kaustic.
Originally built for the "Summer 2013 Mapping
Competition" by Maverick Servers - and won
1st place. The finished map is polished. The
textures and colour scheme works well. The
lighting is full range, going from very dark
shadows all the way to bright areas. This is
an updated version of the map that was
released by the author in May 2018.
bal3dm1.zip1MAsh Rain by Bal. An arena style tech base with
a nice use of rocks to define the perimeter
and exterior areas. This is a very cool DM map
with great gameflow. The niggling points are
the lack of clip brushes around the rocks and
the overall darkness of the map. Its only a
touch too dark and the dimness certainly adds
to the atmosphere but it has a small negative
impact on the gameplay. Well worth the
bal3dm4.zip3MScrap Metal ][ by Bal. OMG! This is an
excellent map. The connectivity and game flow
are perfect for 1on1 and small FFA games. The
aesthetic is very smooth, an apt combination
of pitted blue steel and concrete texturing,
nice detailing, beautiful lighting and well
used sound effects. Weapon and item
positioning are perfectly balanced to keep
game play moving about the map. There is one
small HOM (Hall of Mirrors) error, and it can
catch your eye but this is a minor point. Bot
play is good too but they seem to miss the
100 health. A must have level.
bap3dm2.zip2MCachectic Machinations by Tom "Shallow[BAP]"
Waters. Stroggish architecture, mainly using
rorshach's Clockwork Droid textures. This
arena is built with many new textures and the
lighting is great, particularly around the
Lightning Gun area. The connectivity is very
good although there needs to be another path
to the Quad. There is a frame based jump that
leads to the Grenade Launcher. A few good
sounds have been used well to give the map
additional atmosphere. The item placement is
generally okay, but since the Quad is usually
disabled for serious 1vs1 games, the placement
only really works well for FFA. A popular
solution would be to replace the Quad Damage
with a Megahealth and then add a Yellow Armour
between the two Shotgun clips. The two lower
shotgun clips and the upper grenade clip are
unnecessary. One of the two remaining shell
clips can easily be removed. The bots play
okay. Overall it is a very good map but some
simple item changes would have made it
worthwhile for some competitive players. If
you like visually clean arenas this level is a
great download.
bst3dm1.zip13MTerminatria by bst. Here we have a medium
sized base style map for about 2-6 players. It
is very complex but also very well connected;
every area usually leads directly to each
neighboring area. The good connectivity means
that people who do not know the map can get
around fine. But there is also a great deal of
potential for "mastering" the map because
there are tricks, shortcuts, and jumps to
learn which will increase your ability to get
around the map. There is a steep learning
curve to master these tricks, because of the
complexity of the map. Plays well when you and
your friends are first learning it, and even
better once you know it well. Terminatria has
been textured in a futuristic base/tech theme
and is one of the best implementations of this
theme I've seen. The detail is astounding, and
very well finished. There is so much that in
some parts it is almost overwhelming, but it
is extremely cool to look at. The different
areas look unique but all fit very well into
the theme. Very atmospheric. The item
placement is pretty standard, nothing really
unique about it. It is well balanced and helps
create solid gameplay. The map is a little bit
prone to domination because of its layout.
Performance is good throughout the whole map.
Overall a very good looking map with solid
bubtny4.zip3MDirty Little Secret by ButterB. A cat and
mouse style tourney level. Hope you enjoy!
ct3_20b2.zip53MLeft Behind by cityy. This map has been
created for the quake 3 mapping competition
#2 hosted by I always
wanted to create a map using a quake2 texture
theme, so I decided to take evillair's eq2
texture set and use it for this level. During
the contest I had a couple of moments where I
wondered if the quality of the eq2 set can
compete with all the high res textures you
can use nowadays - I even started to retexture
it but in the end I went back to the eq2 set
because of the feedback from the forums
(thanks). Now, where the map is done I can say
that I'm happy with the textures and the
overall look of the map. This map has been
remade for QuakeLive.
ct3dm5.zip12MLa Petite by cityy. Built for a 20 Brush map
comp held on the Quake 3 World forums around
the start of 2012. The map came in 2nd behind
Space Invaders N Junk. Game play is Tourney
focused, super fast and aggressive. Reminded
me of playing QuakeWorld on DM4 and Aerowalk.
The lighting is pretty much spot-on for the
rustic building aesthetic with nice comical
touches like a graffiti styled teleporter.
The item placement is well balanced for such
a small, tight map. The MegaHealth is
interestingly positioned, requiring a teleport
jump for a speedy pick-up or you can go the
long way, which still requires a minor
challenge. There was only one very small issue
when playing against a bot. A Railgun managed
to fall into a pit near the teleporter to the
MegaHealth and not disappear. For some reason,
this put the bot into a loop of going into the
teleporter, falling down, going over the edge
close to the Railgun, then repeating. This
would not often happen normally, if it all, so
do not let this put you off an otherwise
fantastic release. If you are wondering why
such a small map is a 53MB download, it is
because of the high quality textures used.
dk_dk.zip12MQuake 3 Steam Arena by dONKEY. This is a
Tourney level. A medium sized, Steampunked
theme release (according to the author), with
pretty dang good gameplay. The eye candy is
pretty sweet! Leaking pipes, bird chirping and
even the fan jumppads have leaves blowing
above them - nice. The bots play great,
usually going for the LG. Of all of dONKEY's
maps, this one has been my favorite to date.
The atmosphere and colour scheme are extremely
rich and give a real cohesion to the overall
theme. While I'm not 100% sure I would call
the theme Steampunk, it is still working very
well to create a true level of immersion. My
only real criticism's of this release are;
there are a few too many little alcoves or
short, twisty corridors and the level is a
little dark. A very solid release.
dmmq3dm1-arena.zip809bThis .pk3 simply adds a dmmq3dm1.arena file
for Asunder so you can access the map easily
from the skirmish menu. It also adds a few
bots. It's simply a convenience, you don't
need it. I use it because I play the map
often and it makes life easier for me. It
won't do anything for you if you don't have
Asunder ( installed.
dmmq3dm1.zip22MAsunder by Laerth. A large well made map.
It's hard to describe but it is a good fun
map. A rather large file for it's day. It is
made up of almost all (if not all) custom
textures. There is no .arena file so you
will need to start the map from the console
and add a few bots if your not on a lan.
Great map, download it now!
dubenigma.zip2MLucid Enigma by Dubbilan. With flexible game
play and an unbeatable atmosphere, this map
is a keeper. An ancient, crumbling facade on
an atrium-style facility houses a neat
combination of tech features and gothic-style
textures. Custom textures and models add to
the ambience. Excellent item placement propels
game play around the map. Tourney games are
tense and exciting, 4-player FFA is still fun.
Bot play is top notch, although, the bots seem
to occasionally get stuck around the bounce
pad leading up to the RL ammo (underneath the
RA), and the RG room saw more bot traffic than
it logically should have. One for the
tourney/FFA stash on everyone's hard drive.
dungeon_hunters_v2.zip18MDuNGeoN HuNTeRS v2.0 by Hand and Fingers.
Please note: DuNGeoN HuNTeRS should be played
with the Alternate Fire v2.0 mod otherwise a
couple of features won't operate correctly.
The level is playable without the mod.
efdatdm3.zip2MA longer shadow by eFDAT. Lava surrounds a
grey stone fortress encircled and built into
towering cliffs. This is a beautifully styled
level with great texturing. The layout has a
lot of potential somewhat diminished by the
combination of teleporter destinations and
item placement. With everyone turning up in
the one location near the Rocket Launcher it
soon becomes a campers haven as well as the
center of the map. A few minor zebaring
effects but otherwise a very solid map. Bots
play fine. Well worth checking out.
ek3dm1.zip6MThe Abandoned Post by Electro and
Killazontherun. Two things spring to mind when
you look at this map, wow and nice touch! The
atmosphere is so cool! This tech theme tourney
map from Electro and Killazontherun looks
amazing and is full of nice touches, the look
and feel is brilliantly played out with a
lovely calm set of blues and subtle yellows,
wrapped around a grubby tech theme. I played
this against one Hardcore bot again and again,
it rocks! Item placement is superb, armour
shards located just before atrium style areas
just enough for you to hear the sound and
think where is that bot!? All together an
adrenaline pumper of a tourney map, plenty of
ambush sites and looks to die for. FFA was
fun, but the atmosphere warrants a tourney
game! CPMA for the brave but just as good in
Vanilla Quake 3! Hardcore Bot play is
excellent, after 15 mins or so they will take
all powerups including RA! Simply download!
ffdm2.zip2MPatibuh's Lair by blemish. This small duel map
by blemish is an appealing arena with a Gothic
atmosphere. Originally designed to be included
in a map pack for CPMA. The map may look like
a lot of other maps but it has a refreshing
layout and clean finish. Wall teleports keep
the action coming thick and fast. Game play is
solid and item placement is creative. Go get
the megahealth and you may get a grenade in
the face. Distance between powerups and armor
is well measured making it hard to control all
of them at once. Two rocket launchers also
help to keep an even playing field.
fr3dm1.zip2MIron Yard by Friction. A sprawling grungy
industrial environment suits the intertwining
game flow and layers. The two floors are well
spread out with good clean areas that are well
sized for fighting. Connections and game flow
are great for a 4 player DM. The architecture
is sweet and the octangular corridors give the
level a touch of sci-fi aesthetic, nice.
gs3dm5.zip3MTatatu by GrindSpire. A combination of
Rorshach's SingleMalt texture set and a
base-like architectural style creates an
interesting and original look in this map.
The structure is tidy and considered,
lighting is also excellent and highly
atmospheric. A well realised rocky outside
area adds some variety to the mix. I think
the map perhaps deserved a better sky but
fortunately this does not really detract
from the excellent visuals.
hampster.zip3M-Hampster- by cavefish. This is a pretty well
put together map; the textures are easy on the
eyes and the overall map design is done very
well. Weapons and ammo are spread about the
map evenly. Only a few flaws within this map,
a sniper can dominate the map. There are many
different camping spots throughout the map
which isn't necessarily bad, however being
killed in the same spot over and over can end
up being very annoying. Bots don't work, they
continue to flock to the very bottom on the
map which makes it really easy to pick them
off, however a 1v1 with on Hardcore or
Nightmare can be enjoyable.
|   _                     _       ____  |
|  (_)___  __ _ _  _ __ _| |_____|__ /  |
|  | / _ \/ _` | || / _` | / / -_)|_ \  |
|  |_\___/\__, |\_,_\__,_|_\_\___|___/  |
|            |_|                        |
|                                       |
`---------- --------'
IoQuake3 for Darwin (MacOS 64bit)
You'll also need
and pak0.pk3 from your Quake III CD.
|   _                     _       ____  |
|  (_)___  __ _ _  _ __ _| |_____|__ /  |
|  | / _ \/ _` | || / _` | / / -_)|_ \  |
|  |_\___/\__, |\_,_\__,_|_\_\___|___/  |
|            |_|                        |
|                                       |
`---------- --------'
IoQuake3 for Linux (64bit)
You'll also need
and pak0.pk3 from your Quake III CD.
|   _                     _       ____  |
|  (_)___  __ _ _  _ __ _| |_____|__ /  |
|  | / _ \/ _` | || / _` | / / -_)|_ \  |
|  |_\___/\__, |\_,_\__,_|_\_\___|___/  |
|            |_|                        |
|                                       |
`---------- --------'
IoQuake3 for Windows (32bit)
You'll also need
and pak0.pk3 from your Quake III CD.
|   _                     _       ____  |
|  (_)___  __ _ _  _ __ _| |_____|__ /  |
|  | / _ \/ _` | || / _` | / / -_)|_ \  |
|  |_\___/\__, |\_,_\__,_|_\_\___|___/  |
|            |_|                        |
|                                       |
`---------- --------'
IoQuake3 for Windows (64bit)
You'll also need
and pak0.pk3 from your Quake III CD.
jaxdm8.zip2MIron and Stone by Jax_Gator. This well
constructed map has 3 levels with no place to
hide. There is always an angle from which you
can be seen. Run and frag is the business.
Connectivity is good and the weapons choice is
ok. The bots play well and use the entire map
but they don't go for the armour. The textures
of Evil_Lair looked great in this level and
the teleport is terrific (thanks to Stecki).
jnydm1.zip2MPhantasmagoria. Revisited by Johnny. Johnny
has completely rebuilt the map from scratch.
The new version follows some of the
architectural style, aesthetic and layout of
the original but it is really a whole new
map. The new map is well constructed and
shows a greater understanding of game play
and flow. There are a few problems; the
entrance to the lower area where the lighting
gun resides is difficult to navigate and
claustrophobic. The Red Armour seems a little
too far out of the way with all the action
focusing around the Rocket and Rail locations.
Bots play ok but seldom wonder far from the
Rocket Launcher area. Overall its an
enjoyable and fast map for 3 player DM games.
jof3ctf1.zip7MThe Longer Way Home by JustOneFiX. JustOneFix
has taken The Long Way Home and reworked it as
a capture the flag level. It works great.
Balanced like all CTF's should be with more
than one shared connection between them. The
upper connection is the most elegant. Statues
and Monitors are well made, and well used as
are the plants on the lower levels, but they
don't seem to have any reason for being there
other than the author thought they might be
cool. The textures vary nicely without there
being to many of them. I liked the play on
this medium sized map. Flags are well situated
for guarding and capturing. There is a good
distance between the two camps and the frame
rates are nice and fast. Some of the textures
are by Sock and Than. Models by: Herve
Groussin, Todd Gantzler and Natestah.
jof3dm1.zip7MThe Long Way Home by JustOneFiX. Ancient
civilization meets mother nature. Technically
speaking, there are plenty of ways to get all
the weapons and armor in the structural sense,
but I tend to lean the other way. The map is
graphically outstanding. Beautiful brushwork.
The environmental lighting leaves no room for
errors. Not too much light, and just enough to
put forth the historical atmosphere in
astonishing style. Item placement is also very
nicely placed to compliment smooth gameflow.
One thing I noticed right off is the use of
texturing. Lots of variety but not so much as
to lose interest while running a game. One
thing that is a turn-off is the filesize, but
this is quickly forgotten after you set foot
in the map itself. Jump pads are done with no
transition gaps at all making sure that you
just don't go up in the air, but actually land
somewhere useful. Should make for some fun
matches online and with bots. All hard-drives
should have this map.
jof3dm2.zip3MThe Forlorn Hope by JustOneFiX. The Forlorn
Hope by JustOneFix is an excellent mix of
gameplay and convincing medieval visuals that
are sure to keep this map on your harddrive.
Situated in a medieval castle, this map
exhibits some of the best architecture I've
seen in awhile. You'll find imposing towers,
cathedral-like windows, and wood support beams
that make the environment seem plausible.
Lighting is great, and consists of skull
mounted torches, and purple pentagram
jump-pads. All of this is accented by the
gameplay. The author's included a myriad of
jumping possibilities, none of which require
you to be a complete master of physics or
anything, which is nice for us not-so-hardcore
players. Connectivity is definitely there, and
you can do a complete circuit of the map in
only a few seconds (which is a good thing).
Items are placed thoughtfully with important
items tucked away or left exposed from
different angles. Unfortunately, botplay
leaves much to be desired, however the map is
featured in Generations Arena, so finding a
server running this map shouldn't be too much
of a problem. The Forlorn Hope is a great map
for both 1v1's or 3-5 player FFA's. And with
it's sweet looks and gameplay, I'm calling
this one a keeper. Download it!
jstrq3dm1.zip1MDanse Macabre by Jester. Named after the
classic late-medieval allegory, Danse Macabre
is a map that is built for the furious action
of tourney gameplay, though is also playable
in small FFAs of 3 players. For a first map,
it delivers superb visuals and gameplay, and
has potential to be competitive. You can tell
the author has been practicing his mapping
skills long before the release of this arena.
The map is fabricated with a traditional
id-gothic style, that bears significant
resemblance to the ever-so-famous Blood Run by
ztn. Although the author did not mention this
map as a source of inspiration, a short stroll
through the map will make it clear this is the
case. This is not a bad thing by any means,
and the layout is quite different from the map
it is based upon. That said, the gameplay is
somewhat similar to Blood Run in some minor
aspects. The RA is located on a high ledge
which makes rocket jumping to it a common
tactic, and the layout is separated into three
atriums for the gameplay to take place.
Besides that, the gameplay is mostly different
from Blood Run, and is refreshing and
exciting. Item placement is generally
balanced, with the more powerful items being
placed in hard-to-reach and / or dangerous
spots. This map does not demonstrate any
serious problems, although I did find the
lighting a bit dark in places. Nothing that
adjusting your brightness can not fix. The
bots play fine, though they do not seem to go
for the RA. Worth the download for sure,
especially if you are a Blood Run fan. Be sure
to keep on the lookout for future maps from
this author, as he seems to possess incredible
jstrq3dm2.zip2MBallistophobia by Jester. If you remember
Jester's last creation to date, Danse Macabre,
you already know that this guy is capable of
doing some nasty, well-constructed maps. He
comes back with yet another great level that I
strongly recommend for whoever claims to love
Quake 3. The map is articulated around its
center, in which most of the action takes
place. Items are well distributed in the
surroundings and bunny hoping for a quick
refuel is a real pleasure, involving some
really interesting encounters. The map is
served with astounding graphics, from
modelisation with beautiful curves - think
double ramp over the slipgate - to texture
work, thanks to creations from Hourence and
Lunaran, which gives a modern Quake Live feel
to it. Bot support is top notch and the layout
enjoyable with Vanilla Quake 3 as well as with
CPMA physics. I also tried some Instagib and
it plays very well.
jul16.zip5MJUL16 by Julek. This is the first released
map from the author, and its a sweet little
Turney map. Simply stated: the map forms the
shape of the number 88. The second 8 is a
level higher than the first. And only half of
the lower 8 is there, so you could think of
the level as an L-shape of 3 circles. A couple
one-way teleporters and a jumpad at map center
over a void keep things moving along. It
sounds simple and it is. Greyish textures and
orange item location markers adorn the walls
and floors. The simple but effective
architecture and detailed textures work well
together. Weapons include RL (X2), SG, PG, LG
with some ammo, health and the YA and RA. A
bit too much armor for this size map and no
rail gun or powerups. Gameplay is certainly
fast and chaotic, but enjoyable. Because there
are only two levels, the firefights are mostly
flat. There is also a lot of around the corner
action (this may be why the GL was left out as
well). For crazy 1on1/tourney action: grab
this little keeper. I look forward to more
from Julek.
kaos.zip1MKhaooohs by Vondur. An impressive map that
blends a little of the tech textures with the
gothic textures really well - I had quite a
few really enjoyable games on this map. A
really good level that will stay on my
harddrive for a while for sure! (The easter
egg shader effect is cool too.)
kitfinal.zip3MVictimized by Kit Carson. A three level
fragfest that makes it hard to know where the
next attack will come from. For a map going
stale on Kit Carson's hard drive, this map has
some impressive features. A great deal of time
and effort has obviously gone into texturing,
lighting and shading the map. It looks, for
want of a better word, beautiful. Botplay is
excellent. Gameplay is fantastic. The layout
of the map really keeps you moving and
discourages camping. The size allows you to
keep your bearings and track your foe. Just
make sure you remain the hunter and not the
hunted. Hmmm... Victimized, how appropriate.
High system requirements may prevent full
enjoyment of this map but the map is a blast.
kritische_masse.zip3MKritische Masse (Critical Mass) by Dominic
Szablewski (-cha0s-). A tightly-interconnected
industrial-themed map which uses custom
textures modified from Quake community packs.
The level has many atmospheric features, such
as cool blue neon lighting, dripping water,
huge pipes and power cables going everywhere,
a flooded area, and large smeary bloodstains
in places - generally, a great atmosphere. As
mentioned, interconnectivity is good, with
lots of places to catch unwary players. There
is a good spread of weapons around, including
LG, SG, RL, PG, RG and GL. The r-speeds are
rather high, up to 13K max. The bots do play
very nicely, even though they can not seem to
reach the RA.
lae3dm1.zip2MNothing At All by Laerth. A very cool
tech/base themed level well suited to 4-5
players (or 2on2 tourney match). The
construction and aesthetic flows beautifully,
Weapons and items are well placed and the
teleporters well positioned. It does bite into
your frame rate a bit. A must have level for
mid sized LAN games.
lookingforfreedoom.zip6MThis is one cool map. I recommend playing it
with more than 6, because of the size of the
level - it is huge! When I first spawned, I
was too distracted by all the eye candy this
level has. The aqua colored ooze that runs
throughout the whole level is not friendly to
touch, so avoid contact with the stuff. This
map seems to take place in a factory of some
sort. According to the readme, it is a toxic
waste facility. You can see out of reach
conveyor belts carrying containers of toxic
stuff from one part of the level to another,
and with sound effects! But then, I should
probably not be surprised, seeing as to how
this is getting to be common in the new
levels people make. The gameplay is nothing
to sneeze at either! The bots play the level
fairly well, and I was often trying to find
them. I got lost in this level on my first
time. Personally, I like the area where there
is an abyss. Something about it gives me a
chilly, surreal feeling. And the whole level
is nicely detailed with old and new textures.
Try it out, with as many bots (or players) as
Tigs notes: This level is an interesting one.
It really grows on you the more you play it.
The layout may take a little longer to the
learn the paths from one point to another,
but once you have them, the level really
starts to shine.
lun3dm1.zip3MCoriolis Storm by Lunaran. A large 2 level
abandoned complex set in the midst of a desert
sand storm, a yellow cloud of dust permeates
the lower level. It makes a very cool setting
for a DM. The map is quite large and is
definitely at its best with at least 6-8
players. The rocket launcher is a focus point
for bot play. Personally, I would have
included another rocket launcher.
lvl_twctf.zip2MThreeWave Textures. The ThreeWave CTF
pak/Addon seems to sit on the drive of map
designers so consistently that they often
forget to include the textures in their map
releases. As a counter to a common mistake we
have put the graphics and shader into a pk3.
This pk3 contains ONLY the graphics (.jpg's
.tga's), and .shader from the ThreeWave CTF
Addon for Quake3:Arena. There are NO levels
(.bsp's) in lvl_twctf.pk3. If you are missing
textures in any maps you are playing there is
a good (well, 50/50) chance it is in here.
map-13base.zip2MHangar Base by sst13. This is a very clean
looking medium-sized base map with circular
gameplay. There are three distinct tiers, each
with multiple open sides looking down into the
pit in the center of the map. These
window-like sides really make the gameplay
flow. The windows are too far away for the
player to jump straight across, but players
can jump back and forth easily through
adjacent windows. This mechanic, coupled with
the rocky rim around the pit that improves the
first tier's connectivity really forms a
strong bond between all areas of the map.
Balanced distribution of bounce pads and ramps
make the each level easily accessible to the
next. Travelling through this map is so
intuitive that you may sometimes forget where
one tier starts and the other ends. Rarely is
a map with multiple levels of gameplay pulled
off this well. I really can not say anything
bad about this release. Few levels have
captured my excitement the way this one did
and I do not see myself ever removing it from
my hard drive.
map-13circle.zip5MCircle Of Death by sst13. Circle Of Death by
the German veteran map maker sst13 is a 6-8
players capture the flag map relying on a
clean and immersive Strogg fortress theme.
Each team's base consists of a 2 story flag
room with a more separated basement
underneath. The basement areas are
neighbouring low paths going alongside the mid
area offering a jumppad connection to the
middle of the map and ending in a teleporter
connection that leads you close to the main
powerup spawn. The flag rooms themselves are
directly connected to the center map which is
defined by an octagonal pillar holding the Red
Armor spawn. The level provides an outstanding
visual experience achieved with very little
means - and this is by no means negative. The
file size of less than 6MB seems like a magic
trick when you are walking through the
carefully designed areas of the map which
offer well thought through geometry as well as
a good set of textures that makes the whole
appearance look truly coherent. Ambient fog in
deep pits of death as well as the excessive
vertical scale of the geometry provide a
little bit of a monolithic atmosphere catching
your eye in a lot of situations. Soft and well
placed lights do not only provide a clear
orientation on the map but also support the
already immersive design and make this level
be without equal among all the Strogg themed
releases I have played so far in Quake 3. All
in all, this is a release you definitely want
to download and play. You might not want to
keep it for the gameplay but the visual
presentation and atmosphere make this a map
you do not want to miss out on. Additionally
you should take the time to investigate on the
well planned and nicely executed secrets this
map provides!
map-13power.zip2MPowerstation - Extended by sst13. Powerstation
- Extended - as the map name states is an
extended version of Powerstation (q3tourney1),
originally by id Software and the first
tourney map in tier mode of Q3A. All visuals
are pretty much the same, keeping the Gothic
theme of original map with slightly brighter
lighting. sst13 made some modifications to
original textures and made a new statue model
- Sarge. Probably a tribute to original map's
default bot. Deathmatch is very hectic and
enjoyable. Tourney is somewhat tense due to
size of the map you spend most of time gearing
up and watching for corridors. Fights are over
in a matter of seconds. Team Deathmatch is
like FFA, just quicker due to teamed scoring.
However, bots are pretty much dumb. I saw
Grunt blow himself up in Tourney, so I
recommend finding human players instead.
map-13tomb.zip2MZiggurat Tomb by sst13. The style of most of
the default Quake III Arena maps can be
described like a mix of Gothic and futuristic
tech. But if an author wanted to create a
really Gothic arena, it would look rather like
Ziggurat Tomb. The map's layout corresponds to
Bouncy Map (q3dm16), but textures and some
technical details are in gothic style - they
aren't so colorized, but darker and grimmer
and not electronic and rather mechanical.
Briefly, for each futuristic detail in the
original map, author found its gothic analog.
The map looks and feels like a cave or
dungeon. The author found an interesting
solution for jump-pads to follow the chosen
atmosphere (see also his "The Lost Yard" - a
remake of "The Longest Yard" or q3dm17).
map-13yard.zip2MThe Lost Yard by sst13. A Quake style re-make
of the classic Q3DM17 level. Love it or hate
it, Q3DM17 is arguably Quake 3's most defining
map. Over the years the community has been
exposed to more re-makes and re-boots of this
map than perhaps any other stock Q3 level.
Many of these re-makes have been pretty bad,
some have been downright appalling. The Lost
Yard, by sst13 is different. To take the most
used and abused Q3 map, re-imagine it and come
up with something so new and fresh deserves a
lot of credit. The map is not just re-textured
in original Quake gothic style, but redesigned
and rebuilt too. Game play is tweaked from the
original, but pretty much in the same vein as
you would expect from Q3DM17. All in all, a
very surprising and fresh take on an old map,
for me one of the best levels from 2012.
Tigs notes: I'm not a fan of re-makes, but
this is different and well worth playing. A
lot of thought and design has gone into the
release. This is what a re-make should be
like. Included is a nice secret area, but can
be difficult to find.
map-acid3dm10.zip7MInterstellar Waltz by acid. Interstellar Waltz
is based in a small abandoned warehouse which
has been given an industrial theme. The first
time I played the map, I thought to myself
"looks quite boring and I doubt that bot play
is going to be any good" but I was very wrong.
Bots play amazingly well and are quite tough
in Hurt Me Plenty mode. If your a newbie or
not confident enough to face tough bots, I
would suggest to drop it down a skill level.
map-acid3dm3.zip2Mshaman&dragon by acid. Shaman&Dragon by acid
is a map created and optimised for use with
CPMA. Designed for tourney and TDM (2v2 in my
opinion) this map shines for the competitor at
heart. The first thing that struck me about
this map was the connectivity is so
outstanding. This linked with the careful
attention to detail with how the items are
placed allows for a lot of different
strategical approaches to taking your opponent
completely off guard. There are many different
options of trick jumps included. One of which
is the most amazing that I've ever seen in a
map. It goes from the bottom room with the
teleporter to the MH up above, and I mean way
above. Weapons included are 2 SG's, 2 RL's, a
GL and an LG. Quad, YA, RA, and MH are also
included. Bots play the map fiercely which
always offers it's own rewards for the offline
players. Textured in a tech theme, the map
looks outstanding.
map-burning1.zip3MBurning Reminders by Mr.Lake. This map
features a wonderful lava theme that is
adequately implemented throughout the map.
There's a mix of both large, spacious areas
and tight, narrow areas. The quad damage is
nicely centered in one of the larger rooms
where much of the action takes place. There's
also a red armor next to a gigantic lava pit -
the bots have no trouble picking it up, but
you may want to watch your step. The bots tend
to navigate the map very well... sometimes too
well. The corridors connecting the larger
rooms and some of the tight areas are too dark
for my tastes. This lead to frags coming from
bots I couldn't even see when in these areas.
While this is a very spacious map, I found
that there is very little health in it. You'll
be playing injured for a majority of this map
as the health is few and far between. Update:
Mr.Lake has made a number of improvements and
changes and re-released the level (see the
readme for full details). Included in the
download is a demo of how to reach the BFG.
map-charon3dm10.zip2MInextremis by Charon. If I had to hand out a
Most Improved Mapper for 2001 award, it would,
without hesitation, go to Charon. This
talented mapper has found his calling.
Inextremis sports a flashy red industrial
texture set from Rorshach, and does a pretty
good job at recreating a space mining
facility. The visuals in this map are
jaw-dropping, even if r_speeds are a little
steep in areas. Three entangled atriums are
the foundation of this wonderful tourney
experience. Weapon balance is on for the most
part, tho having the rail and RA only a jump
apart is a bit of a mistake in my opinion. FFA
play is intense. Bots handle this one with no
problems. Add this one to your collection.
map-leaks2.zip2MLeaks2 by Speedy. Speedy has made very
playable and original small map. The unique
style comes from all-new texture set and
fitting skybox (both created by the author
himself). Textures are a mix of worn metal and
dirty concrete, and they work great.
Architecture is imaginative and solid, with
complex angled structures towering above.
Overall design is excellent and stylish, and
everything is in place. The layout is made of
3 interconnected areas. Being very compact,
this map has blazingly fast gameplay. Item
placement is very clever and fine-tuned, set
up to make players move around the entire
level. 1-1 game is intense fragfest and
requires both strategy and skill to win. I had
few very close battles with my friends on the
map and we really enjoyed it. FFA quickly
turns into blood bath and provides a lot of
fun with 3-4 players. Botplay is also very
good. Kick-ass tourney map. Plays great, runs
fast, looks cool and original.
map-solarae.zip7MSolar - AEon's Edit by Jochum Skoglund
(Hipshot) and Christoph A. Loewe (AEon). First
thing I realized when I entered the map is
that it looks really nice. Good textures,
details everywhere, custom shaders. The custom
jumpads with fan and wind effect and the
teleporter which is water flowing from a pipe
are a nice touch. he place looks like an
abandoned facility, somewhere in a hot Mars
type planet. There are some wooden planks in
the map, used as bridges which also adds the
overall theme. I really enjoyed playing in
this atmospheric map. The size of it is not
too big, but well designed. The tunnels,
stairs, elevated places and jumppads can be
take a moment to learn, but is nothing to
worry about. There are two main zones in the
map which are connected with many paths. I
would say this map is just "well-designed".
Definitely worth playing with players or for
making tourney matches with friends. Nice map
and edition! Would like to see more of AEon's
map-tlq3dm1.zip4MTLQ3Dm1 - Blood, Sweat, and Frags by Truthful
Liar. TLQ3Dm1 - Blood, Sweat, and Frags is
quite a nice map considering it is the
author's first. Using the Gothic set of id
Software's original Quake 3 Arena textures,
this map looks pretty good. Geometry is, in
general, good, but take particular note of the
excellent curvy stairways in some places.
Lighting is nice, and the colours from certain
textures (for example, the lava) come out
really well on the greyish stone walls of the
id Software textures. Game play is good and
mainly vertical. The curvy stairways turn a
bit sharply, which can make it hard to move
sometimes, and some geometry lacks decent
player clip, which can inhibit fast movement
around the map. Item placement is fine; not
too crowded but all the items used work
nicely. Bots play brilliantly and will even
make good use of short jumps across areas on
the upper floors.
Tig's notes: An excellent first release and a
recommended download! The game play with 4
people is fast, yet not cramped with areas
that will suit all player styles. Grab it!
map_monsoon.zip4MRemix of Q4 map Monsoon by Lukin (l4dm2) for
Quake 3 by extone (xtn).
mkvdv.zip5MVorsprung durch Vernichtung (Advantage through
annihilation) by Martin "Killer" Kilcoyne.
Another cool texture set from Lunaran and by
sheer coincidence another map from me :-) This
time it was Lun's LUN3DM3 texture set which
inspired a spell of mapping. The map is a
medium to large affair which will require at
least 4 players to get the most out of it.
mw3tourney2.zip2MUntouchable by MaGiC-WaLKeR. Untouchable by
MaGiC-WaLKeR is a small duel map inspired by
the koRn cd untouchable, and since I don't
have that album, I'll just have to take the
authors word for it =) It's a very clean
looking map that consists of two open rooms
with upper walkways where most of the weapons
can be picked up which is everything but the
GL, and BFG. The author used Evil Lair's DSI
textures. The pipe looking chimneys with blue
flame coming out is a nice touch. Game flow is
quite fast and I did not experience any
slowdowns during game play when considering
r_speeds. The connectivity helps add to the
overall flow making the map fun against bots
or humans. My own custom made bots played the
entire map without issues or problems. Some
people may have problems with the overuse of
blue in the map, but in my opinion this is one
of the better maps made using the DSI look. I
recommend giving it a try, some might even
keep it.
nkstrdm8.zip8MFamily Fun Factory by Nickster. If you have
not played a Nickster map before, (shame on
you!) then you're in for a treat. This
talented level designer has been producing
maps for over a decade now, and his progress
in mapping definitely shows through later
creations of his such as Slipgate (2) and
Exotic Metals. This new creation of his
contains the same visual quality we have come
to expect from him, and we would like to
welcome him back to the wonderful world of map
production. The map is set in an abandoned
industrial complex of sorts. The atmosphere is
brilliantly realized through the rain falling
down from the stormy skies above, and every
minuscule detail has been placed in where it
counts. Even the floor tiles will be wet where
the sky is exposed, but dry where there is a
ceiling - a testimony to many years of
experience in the field of level design. Some
contrasts to the dark, gloomy theme can be
found, such as the teleporters and jump pads,
which are bright and flashy - however they are
so tastefully implemented that they detract
little from the environment. Lighting is
spot-on, used carefully to help enhance the
level. So we know the aesthetics are
top-notch, but what about the gameplay?
Fortunately for us, Nickster has not forgotten
about this either. The layout mainly takes
place upon two stories, and is sprawling and
complex. Items are placed strategically and
create well-balanced gameplay, with all
weapons but the BFG included. The size of the
map is in between medium and small, and my
recommendation would be a 2v2 TDM, though
tourney matches and small FFAs of 2-5 players
work equally well.
obs3dm3v2.zip4MThe Vomitorium (v2) by Obydenniy 'Obsessed'
Konstantin. This is for all intents and
purposes a reskin and some very sutble
structural changes of the second ztn map that
Obsessed bought us. That being said, it would
be a mis-carriage of justice to simply dismiss
it as such. Especially if you passed up the
first version of The Vomitorium. If you have
seen his other ztn maps, the Killing Machine
for Q3A, then you will be immediately
comfortable with this re-textured version as
Obsessed brings us the same familiar texture
style. The blend of brick work, etc here is
visually stunning and very easy on the eye,
whilst paying homage to the original textures.
As I have said before with Obsessed's work,
this is one hell of a keeper.
obs3dm7.zip11MThe Killing Machine by Obydenniy 'Obsessed'
Konstantin. A remake of the legendary Q2 DM
level 'ztn2dm2' by Sten 'ZTN' Uusvali for
Quake3:Arena. This map needs no introduction
if you are a ztn fan. Even if you are not a
fan and you have been around any of the Quake
Series before you are likely to have come
across Sten "ztn" Uusvali's maps. This
particular map came to us during his Quake 2
mapping phase as ztn2dm2 and the later remixed
as The Killing Machine - 2nd ver with a
slightly tweaked weapon layout aimed at Duel.
It is on the later version that this remake is
based. Obsessed has taken an extremely solid
layout and subtly manipulated it to increase
the flow so the level is completely geared
towards Q3 (be that VQ3 or CPM, take your
pick). All items are here, with the exception
of the BFG. I particularly like the
centralised RG placement overlooking the RA.
obsolete_tourney.zip2MObsolete by EpicGlottis. My first Q3a
release. Fast and strategic Tourney map in a
'whats behind that overhang/corner' mood. All
weapons except BFG included. No powerups
except mega.
official-cmp1_v2.zip12MCommunity Map Pack 1 by The CMP team. 6
beautiful maps in this excessively feature
packed map pack released by some of the finest
in the Q3 Mapping community, such as Mr.LyCon
(Project Leader), Q, Corsair, amethyst7, and
evillair (from HFX). Overall, this map pack is
a must have for every deathmatch player who
wants something cool to play. Definitely
professional grade.
phantq3dm6_mc.zip35MGeotechnic by Tom Perryman (Phantazm11).
Geotechnic was created for the Mapcore Quake 3
15th Anniversary Contest held between October
8 and December 3, 2014. It won first place!!
This is the final update for the contest
version of this map, with a few fixes and
changes inspired by feedback and judging.
Geotechnic by Phantazm11, is in my opinion the
most beautiful Quake 3 map ever made. This
mapper is known well for his maps here which
have been included into Quake Live, and this
map by far even out does those maps. The rock
formation in the map is very well done, some
of it looking much like Quake 4, and the map
almost has a bit of a Doom 3 feel to it as
well, yet the theme of the map is totally
original, the textures used being high
definition and very real looking. It almost
looks as if the whole environment of the map
is underground, the building itself being
built into the stone which covers many parts
of the walls, the dark rock being jagged and
covered behind grills in spots, some parts
having spinning fans to air the place out.
pukka3dm1.zip7MHot Place by thefury. Awarded 2nd Place in the
CPMA 2v2 Mapping Competition for which it was
designed, Hot Place is one scorching rock
solid map. Hot place is a smallish base type
map cast into a rock and lava mountainside.
thefury has drawn on a rich variety of artists
for texturing this map. The skybox and
teleporter textures really add to that hot
place theme. Like thefury's other level,
Evolution, visual splendour and gameplay are
seamlessly blended with neither being
sacrificed. Item layout has been well thought
out with all weapons present with the
exception of the bfg, but the railgun is
retired from service for TDM play. And
speaking of game play, this map offers perfect
connectivity with some double-jumping choices
available for promode, and yet still managing
to cater for those like me that prefer it vQ3
style. It's arguable whether one end of the
map is more loaded than the other, but in all
the games I played I didn't really find this
to be an issue. Also a note should be made
about the LG/RG pool which some may find not
to their taste. I however felt this added to
the tactics of the map, meaning you had to
pick and choose your moments to go fishing.
Final Thoughts: Stunning visuals with great
game play make this a definite keeper.
pukka3tourney1.zip4MThis is a medium sized CPMA map for tourney
or FFA gameplay. Layout is a 4-level, well
connected, multi atrium arena. Several
jumppads and teleporters keep movement quick.
The map is based off a previous UT map "fence"
by the author. Also included are the .map
files if you care to take a look. Textures
are a brownish theme with yellow lights and
grey trim. Lots of nice detail, which makes my
little laptop chug at times, but should be no
problem for most. All weapons minus BFG and
only powerup I saw was MegaHealth. The rail
is in the lowest level which is nice to
prevent immediate railwhore camping up high.
The "no-rail" map can also be selected - a
nice touch. All this adds up to a solid map,
grab it.
q3map-moses_dm6.zip7MCritical Decision by [FSF]Moses, is a medium
sized base styled map that has all of the
weapons bar the BFG. It has a series of rooms,
connected by hallways, and each room that you
enter has a different feel and look. Some of
it kind of gives of a feeling of architecture,
with angles. Some skill. There is one room I
didn't really catch onto, where you take a
bouncepad over a large glass contained room in
the center of the huge room that you're in,
and it goes over to another bouncepad on the
other side. It's fun if you like bouncing I
guess. There is one thing in this map that
keeps me hanging onto it. It's a big spinning
machine that is glass enclosed within the
floor in one room, and you can also look at
it from the downstairs hallway. The machine,
which kind of looks like a generator, spins
in perfect unison with the RL that sits
directly on top of it. It almost gives of the
feeling that it's spinning the Rocket
Launcher. Have these machines always been
underground in the arenas, and we just never
knew? I always kind of wondered why they spin
all together. Well now I know.
q3shw18.zip1MHoly Blood by ShadoW. A Team Arena Tourney and
FFA map from Shadow. Lots of shinny, clean
steel, unbreakable glass and concrete lines
the level with large open areas over two
floors to finish off the architecture. The map
is well connected and fast for its size. Items
are well located and make for some intense
game play, but one of the upper corners can
become a focus area. Bots play the level a bit
too repetitive. They are an easy target once
you workout exactly where they will turn up.
Team Arena mission pack is a requirement as
the map will not work correctly with standard
Quake 3. A well constructed map that is very
enjoyable. Best suited for a Team Arena FFA
q3shw20.zip9MAnnihilation by ShadoW. Annihilation is a map
with a really cold feel and is surrounded by
snowy mountains. It has a real tech look to
it, with steel walls, units, and powered
machines which give the map a very blueish
look. On the lower part of the map there is a
quad which sits in the middle of blue orbs
that spin around it, which gives it a feel
that the quad is being powered by them. It
looks very nice. There is a lot of glass floor
where you can look through them to the metal
below, and also look through it into other
hallways of the map. Some of the items take
some work to get, like a RL that sits on the
top of a box which requires a good jump at
getting to it. There are spots in the map
where you can sit above and watch someone pass
below you without you being in their sight. On
the edge of the outside of the map where the
RA sits you can look into the mountains and
RL-jump out to a metal platform that if landed
wrong will throw you into the oblivion of the
mountains. A lot of those spots will make a
camping RG player very happy. It's an
attractive map which kind of has a Geo-feel to
it also.
|   _                     _       ____  |
|  (_)___  __ _ _  _ __ _| |_____|__ /  |
|  | / _ \/ _` | || / _` | / / -_)|_ \  |
|  |_\___/\__, |\_,_\__,_|_\_\___|___/  |
|            |_|                        |
|                                       |
`---------- --------'
Patch data. These newer pk3 files from
the Id Software point release patches
are required to play Quake III Arena with
ioquake3. Place these files in your
baseq3 directory along with your pak0.pk3.
quimera.zip5MQuimera by JAJ. This map has both excellent
close range and mid range combat. The author
says it's for 1v1 though I played it in a 5
person DM and it was great fun. Areas can get
a little congested at times but that's what
makes it fun. The map is much bigger than
first impression; its uniform style makes it
difficult to judge exactly where you are.
Also, the bounce pads are at first hard to
notice. It doesn't make intricate use of
textures like many maps, its all chrome and
charcoal. With its dim green sky it looks like
something straight out of "A Brave New World".
This map showcases the best aspects in the
Rocket, Grenade, Shotgun, and even the
Gauntlet; not really the best map for rail
users, but I don't consider that a down point.
A must have map for a LAN.
r7dm2.zip828KAqua Dock by Rust7. This small-to-medium map
is good for FFA with 3-6 players, but is also
great for Tourney. This is a very nice indoor
map, which is very... blue. It is lit with a
blue light, which adds to the look of the,
once again, simple, but nice looking textures.
The flow of the game is excellent, and weapon
placement as well. This time there is the SG,
GL, PG, and the RL. There are actually two
locations in which the YA will spawn, above a
small pool of water and on a patch of ice
(which is actually slippery). I would have
liked to have seen more of the ice, but it's
fine as it is. There is a water tunnel that
spans between two rooms, which contains the
MH. A Quad Damage spawns in the centre of the
map, amid a few small corridors.
revenga.zip7MRevenga! by Strahlemann. Revenga is an
industrial environment map that has walkways
that go under and around a gigantic machine
which scrapes the sky. The height of the map
is very tall as you can see the machine which
has blinking lights along with angles and
moving parts which give it a look that seems
to be a big generator of sorts. It's actually
quite gigantic, and to reach the upper parts
would definitely require a grappling hook.
The sky is clouded with moments of flashing
from the thunder and lighting, which he also
has included the sounds to complete the
effects of it. You can really tell a lot of
work went into this map. The bots play the
map very well, along with watching one RL-jump
up to the YA is very nicely done.
rpg3dm2.zip2MTrial by Error by R.P.G. A small Quake 3
deathmatch map.  The item balance is probably
best while using CPM, and there are a few
shortcuts, but it's not really a CPM map. It's
more of a vanilla Quake 3 tournament and
small-sided FFA map. This map went on to
become the opening map in OpenArena.
rustgrad.zip33MRustgrad by Hipshot. Hipshot has once again
produced an outstanding release. The
architecture and theme is that of an abandoned
facility. It is medium sized and perfectly
fits with 3 to 6 players. Free For All and
Team Deathmatch are officially supported,
however it can be played also as Tournament
simetrik.zip3MSi'Metrik by Sock. A temple floating in the
sky above an archipelago of islands. The
custom sky box is gorgeous jumping down
towards an almost full screen of turquoise sea
is quite sublime. The temple architecture is
well executed, texturing and lighting are spot
on. The layout works really well, the
connectivity is excellent and the gameplay
great. It all comes together to create a
smooth environment that really makes you want
to play. Custom sounds further enhance the
atmosphere. The death sound with the splash is
very nice and subtle. There is only one or two
spots where the r_speeds are borderline,
nothing at all to worry about. Bots play fine
and cover most of the map, they just miss out
on the Medkit and the other secret area. Get
this map on your hard drive right now.
sokar3dm6.zip2MLove Thy Enemy by SoKaR. A small space map.
The author says 2 - 3, which is just about
right, but I think 4 works OK. The textures
are done nicely. The gameplay is pretty good.
Item placement controls the game flow with the
YA becoming a focus point. Bots play good and
navigate the whole map. I jumped at reviewing
this map because I noticed it was by SoKaR,
I'm not really into space maps, quite picky to
be honest, but I enjoyed this map. It's not
the best one I've played, but overall it's
solitude.zip16MSolitude by Hipshot. A map designed for the
2nd Maverick Mapping Competition: Hipshot
introduces us to a semi-complex small-medium
map with its own unique character. The theme
is somewhat rustic with a heavy use of wooden
beams, deteriorating concrete and brick walls,
rusty pipes and plenty of foliage. The level
of detail this author has displayed combined
with some incredible textures and shadering of
his own, creates a very visually interesting
level. The subtle use of ambient sounds also
adds to the atmosphere.
sq3t1.zip4MRight Angles by Scrama. My second release for
Q3A and third map designed with Radiant. Level
created with CPM gameplay in mind, but
playable in VQ3 and Warsow too.
sq3t2.zip5MMoonbreath by Scrama. Small-to-medium DM
map, good for 1on1's and 2on2's. FFA up
to 4 people.
storm3tourney1.zip2MGloom by StormShadow. A very nice, small
ffa/tourney level with custom textures
(HFX's Evil7) and a very cool Crow Model
that is used to add that extra little touch
across the top of the walls. Connectivity is
excellent, and the winding corridors really
facilitate a quick, free flowing style. Item
placement is top notch with the author kindly
providing a summary of what's present in the
readme file: 2 YA, RL, RG, PG, LG, SG, MH. I
found this level very much in tune with my
own playing style: not too small, not too
large. Fast and tight, with close quarters
fighting without being restrictive in any
way. Excellent work. Bots played very well.
Worth the download; a keeper depending on
your style.
storm3tourney2.zip2MNuclear Wasteland by StormShadow. In this
heavily engineered tourney map, StormShadow
draws on not one, but two of Rorsach's
HeadHunter texture sets. The combination of
grubby hazard chevrons and machine parts
renders the map like a gigantic garage for
servicing old war machines, a funky style
commonly found at the rustier end of the
industrial spectrum. Especially visible are
the octagonal metal columns rising from the
floors of the three main atria like
post-modern steeples. These are important
features during combat as they provide
valuable cover during rocket exchanges and
Railgun sneek'n'peek episodes, while also
offering the welcome boost of a +50 health
sphere behind. The item placement is very
strong. Minor health and ammo pairings are
dotted around the map, so feeding your heart
and guns is always possible, but requires
swift choices which keep the gameplay flowing
smoothly. Major items and weapons are often
found close to bulkheads; the RG in particular
is nestled in an anlged joist making
acquisition slightly more demanding than for
other weapons, but justly so, since the
openness of the map provides many
opportunities for nailing one's opponent at
long range and the chance of denying them the
RG at the point of pickup can save many frags.
This is a solid map. Drenched with lo-tech
atmospherics and plenty of tactical gameplay,
it should be a hit with any tourney fans.
thephhortress.zip6Mthephhortres by <secs.>. Throughout this map,
the complicated yet highly detailed
passageways and paths wind through this
desolate chapel. Weapons neatly and
well-placed throughout, health and armor
placed with precision and only two power-ups
(Quad and Haste) sneakily planted. The sheer
flow of this map is astounding. The background
images also add to the feel of fighting within
this chapel during the darkest and most
mysterious of sunsets. The stained glass add a
little extra glow to the gloom and the portals
are interestingly displayed (one of them being
a waterfall). As you fight within the halls of
this church, soft but eerie sounds can be
heard; the soft echoes of the spirits,
bouncing off the walls. The multiple
statuettes add the correct amount of flair to
the fight and the tiny sprinkles of DeFrag are
required to feel the full potential of this
tig_out.zip3MOut on a Limb by Tigger-oN. A small DM map
that can also be enjoyed as a Tourney level.
I wanted to make a level that was fun to play
as a small FFA against humans or bots with
lots of height. The structure was meant to
look 'free form' and haphazard, like it had
grown over time.
ts_dm5.zip2MFull Moon by TymoN. A medium sized gothic
themed map, with great architecture and
atmosphere. It is definitely a great map.
The graphics are great, the gameplay flows
perfect and its overall good atmosphere is
partly due to some cool ambient sounds (such
as a wolf howling). The lighting is perfect,
though I'm not so sure about the skull
models. The map layout feels large, yet very
connected. You can get from any random point
to any other random point with ease, taking a
number of different routes. This also makes
it a very fast paced map, where you're almost
always shooting at something, somewhere. This
is definitely a level to grab, and something
that will most likely stay on your harddrive
for a long time.
ts_pm1.zip2MDuel Arena by TymoN. A diamond in the rough,
this map dares to go into the realm of the
unknown by setting the first futuristic
feeling and making it work with unbelievably
well thought out item placement. Very nicely
laid out. The map sports a technical theme
that I think sets the atmosphere of the arena
very boldly.
xcsv_hires.zip178MXCSV - HiRes Quake3 Replacement Texture Pak.
These textures are for use with the Quake3
Arena engine, including IoQuake3, and any
mods. They are designed to replace the
standard Baseq3 textures that shipped with
Quake3.  To use them, simply place the pk3 in
your baseq3 folder and enjoy.  Servers must
have this pk3 file if you wish to avoid being
kicked for Sv_pure 1.
zeitgeist.zip2MZeitGeist by -cha0s-. Set in grassy ruins this
level marks the author's first serious attempt
at generating good game play, and he has been
pretty successful. Custom textures give the
map a fresh look. Connectivity is strong. The
item placement strikes a reasonably good
balance, although the +50 health ball is
probably too strong for its proximity to the
PG and the Red Armour. The arena is mostly set
with right angles.
zl3tourney1.zip4MHypersonic Tourney by zeal0r. Hypersonic
Tourney by Zeal0r is a medium-small sized
tourney map, Intended for 1 on 1, but fun with
more people all the same. I really liked the
architecture, almost as if it's twisting.
Textures were excellent. It makes you feel
like you're immersed in the environment. Item
placement was fine as far as I'm concerned.
Bots played well, though they seemed to stray
away from certain areas.
ztn3dm1.zip1MBlood Run bt ztn. ztn revisits his 1997/98
classic quake map, Blood Run with 2 new
versions. The maps are identical except for a
few items like BFG and Quad. The lighting is
superb and the texturing is damn fine (though
there are a few miss-aligned textures). The
item placement in both versions is spot on and
the architecture subtly altered to compensate
for the differences in the game engines. The
second version (High-Octane) includes BFG's
and makes for some really fast games, however
I preferred the standard version. An absolute
must have map.
ztn3dm2.zip849KBeatbox by ztn. A good solid map that keeps
you on your toes. Not sure about the flame
lights mixed with tech lighting, just doesn't
seem right to me. The texturing is very rich
and mixed, almost over done and cluttered. The
gameflow is good and leads to some vertical
action. I don't know how ztn does it, I was
expecting to be a bit bored with this map, but
I wasn't. The texturing and lighting is an odd
mix of gothic and tech which does not seem
quite right (almost confused), however its
well worth the download.
ztn3tourney1.zip862KBlood Run Tourney by ztn. ztn's tourney
edition of Blood Run. Not much has changed
from the original except for the removal of
the Quad. This is one great tourney level
and no installation of Quake III Arena
should be without it. Bots have no problem
getting around.